Family Dinner

New for 2024, a family-style dinner, promising delectable wild food delicacies by Second Nature Gourmet and live music to replenish your soul


Event Details

Date:         Saturday, August 10

Time:        6pm – 10pm     See festival schedule

Cost:         $65 Individual Ticket

Location:  Brush Creek Pavilion, 909 Capitol St, Eagle, CO 81631

Savor the warmth of family-style dining, where nature-inspired dishes by Chef & Owner Marla Leblow of Second Nature Gourmet are shared, and memories are created.  As the last bites are savored, the live music takes center stage, elevating your dining experience to new heights.

Meet the Chef & Band

Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival

Marla Leblow

Chef & Owner Second Nature Gourmet

Event Location