Sebastian Tabibi

Founder & President, North Texas Mycological Association

Sebastian Tabibi is a passionate amateur chef and highly regarded mycologist raising awareness on the crucial role fungi play in our ecosystem. Based in North Texas, Sebastian has been delving into the world of fungi, particularly fascinated by their medicinal properties and cataloging the diverse fungal biodiversity in the region and beyond.

As the Founder and President of the North Texas Mycological Association, Sebastian leads the charge in spreading knowledge and appreciation for all things fungal across the 7.5 million-strong North Texan community. Before establishing the Association, he laid the groundwork by founding popular Facebook groups like the Mushroom Identification Group and Mushroom Edibility & Discussion, where enthusiasts gather to share their expertise.

Sebastian is also actively involved in emergency cases worldwide, helping identify poisonous mushrooms and plants through the Facebook group, Poisons Help: Emergency Identification for Mushrooms & Plants. You might even catch him leading forays at mushroom festivals stretching from Colorado to the Gulf Coast.

Beyond his fungal pursuits, Sebastian finds inspiration in nature. Whether he’s making music, building community, or practicing permaculture, he’s always striving to deepen his connection with the Earth. He resides in a tiny home nestled on 5 acres at the Tree of Life intentional community, where he’s currently spearheading the development of an eco-village along the Red River, promoting self-sustainability and harmony with nature.